Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dogeared Jewels and Gifts

Dogeared Jewels and Gifts is a company based in Califormia that specializes in unique jewelry.  They have a wide range of jewelry ranging from simple to bohemian.

I was given this necklace...


It is a lightning bolt that symbolizes strength and power.  The length of the chain is 16 inches, which is the perfect length.  It hits right at the base of your neck.  The chain and charm look really delicate.  Before you put the necklace on you are supposed to make a wish.  They have other versions of the necklaces where the charm is on a silk thread instead of chain.  When the thread brakes your wish will come true.

Dogeared has jewelry for all occasions and for all the women in your life.  Their jewelry is the perfect gift to give to someone...or yourself!  :)